Joining an organization is only the start of your involvement experience.  Are you ready to take the next step?

Refine Your Commitments

An involved student pursues their interests and passions while maintaining balance in their curricular and external pursuits. If you find that you no longer enjoy being active in a group, it may be a sign you are overcommitted. It’s OK to cut out some areas of involvement and tailor your involvement to your passions. Time is a valuable resource!

Whatever you decide, try to keep your commitments balanced with your academic and life priorities.

Expand Your Leadership

Within nearly every avenue for campus involvement are opportunities for leadership. Elevated leadership involves enacting the change you seek by bettering your campus organization or group. Remember, leadership skills are not developed overnight! 

Participate in a CLIC or Leadership Fellows workshop or retreat to further your growth as an empowered student leader.

Make It CL!C

Campus involvement is ultimately about so much more than the events and activities that take place on campus. The passions that drive your campus involvement are not exclusive to the Denison community, but often connect to the wider community and life after college. Often, campus involvement opportunities provide a platform to launch your plans after college – whether that involves starting graduate school or founding a small business.

The experiences and skills developed as a student leader can last a lifetime.